Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Hey guys, I just thought I'd bring you more looks from @beautybycarole .

You can Contact us for your special occasions and more. Also, we are willing and able to work with your budget just to make your day special.
 At @beautybycarole our clients happiness and satisfaction is our first and utmost priority.
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Have a lovely day. Muah!!!

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hey guys! Who missed me? So sorry I have been MIA for a while now, but it is for a good reason.
I am now a professional Makeup Artist. Yup, you heard right, and by God grace this is what I intend to keep doing for a long period of time. In fact this job is going to take me to the abroad because true true I have not smelt there. Except one time like that I went to Nairobi.

Anyway, here are some samples  of my work. I haven't done a shoot yet though. Working on it. In the main time you can follow us on Instagram @beautybycarole for enquiries and bookings please send us a mail at
Expect to hear from you.

Saturday, 24 October 2015


The Portraits here is Miss Debora Ogbuewu (17) SS2 Student of Seiro International College Onueke Ezza South Local Govt. Area of Ebonyi State Nigeria, West Africa.

She is the daughter of an indigenous Rural Missionary pastor of RHEMA FAITH MISSION INC. Amana, Ezza south L.G.A. Ebonyi State Nigeria.

This girl became sick in May, from fever to BP and to what Doctors call Kidney case, which has resulted to getting her admitted to several Hospitals.

Meanwhile, she undergoes 3 times dialysis and blood transfusion simultaneously, because she cannot urinate this takes place weekly and it costs the father over hundred thousand naira (100,000) only, equivalent of five hundred US dollars.

This has lasted long that the father is financially exhausted, and this girl is always in pains of incessant coughing with blood oozing out.

The father is requesting for prayers to God and help from Individuals, Churches, Governments, NGOs. Etc. To fly her out to India or any Western Country for medication or Kidney transplant. As the kidney transplant abroad is estimated seven million naira (#7,000,000) equivalent of $32,000 Us Dollars. The creator of the ends of the earth will reward whoever will help this family out of this traumatic experience.

You can call, email or send something through this Account;

07031202607, 08120490286, 08153727400

Account Number:


First bank Nig. Plc.

Pastor Mike N. Ogbuewu

Friday, 23 October 2015


Job Vacancy!!!
Are you 22 yrs and above?
Do you have a valid international
Can you speak good English and any
other language?
Are you looking for a 9am-3pm daily
job with a monthly salary of
N850,000.00? And a weekly allowance
of N150,000.00?
With weekends off, and having to
work half day on Fridays?
Plus regular overseas training?
If you are interested in this job, please
contact me with your full details.......
I DEY LOOK FOR.:D mrn y'all and Have a lovely week.


A few days ago the country woke to the news that popular gossip blogger Linda Ikeji just bought a mansion on Banana Island worth 500million naira. And as expected,people went crazy. I take that back, I personally think people where in shock at first before the message registeredthen they went crazy.

There was a lot of talk regarding this topic, but the ones that drew my attention was that of her finding a man to marry when she was so obviously successful.??? Like are you guys kidding me?


The whole talk about Linda Ikeji and her mansion took me back to a BET TV series titled Being Mary Jane. You see Mary Jane Paul the lead character of the series is a black successful woman who is a presenter at a TV station. She obviously is being paid a watery some at here job and this you can see from the type of car she drives and the condo where she lives. But unfortunately she has been unlucky with love. So she just like Linda Ikeji is a single black woman, and trust me it makes everything worse in our society. Mary Jane Paul just like Linda Ikeji happens to be the most successful in their families, which is maid up of men and women alike and so family member have tasted from their wealth and are truly not shy to ask for more.


So why cant this be enough, why must women who aresuccessful than most men in the country and in their fields, who take care of their family members be reduced to baby making machines? Is it not possible for her to be so much more?

There was a scene in ‘Being Mary Jane where Mary Janetold her niece who is just about 19 and has two kids by two different men that 

‘ There is more to life than making babies and then her niece (Nicey) said something like at least she (Nicey) had kids and what did her aunt Mary Jane have to show for allher wealth??? 

Did you know that African woman especially, come under serious criticism from outsiders and members of their immediate family also?

Dose this mean that a woman no matter how successful she is, is considered incomplete without a husband by her sideand a child to call hers

Linda Ikeji just bought a new mansion for herself and her family and instead of people to be happy for her, what they say instead is ‘who is going to marry her now’? That is just dumb sh*t.

I would end this long write up with this question.


Is a ‘man’ who is scared of dating a successful woman a ‘man’ at all?



(Image credit BET and Bellanaija)


Sunday, 18 October 2015


There was a time in my life that if you had asked me is it right or wrong to do this? And I would tell my truth without even thinking twice. But these days I can say I am not so fast to jump into conclusion anymore. Because thing are always not white or black. People have different reasons for doing things. Bad isn’t always a certain way you think, and good has so many meanings now.

What is the definition of right, and what is the definition is wrong? Well this is what I have to say. There is no true definition of what is good or bad, right or wrong. It only depends on where you are standing and how you see things. Because trust me, we all see things differently.

Take for example. there are some people who absolutely would never see reasons why a couple should be divorced. There are even some churches whom do not have divorce in their doctrine. So what happens in the case of lets say, marital violence? A case where a husband beats up the wife so much she becomes a regular face in the hospital? Is it then advisable that they continue to stay married, because divorce is such an abominable act?
Another example is in the case of adoption. Different people have different tolerance to this. There was a time I heard an elderly woman say that adopting a child is like helping God do his work, it's like telling him I don't need your help in having a child, I don't have to be patient with you, I can do it my own way. Does this now mean children in the orphanage can never be good enough? Event you heard that some children come with blessings? But who am I? I am just seeing things from my own perspective which may be different from yours.

So next time you come across a situation, or anything at all, don’t be so quick to judge or act because like I said earlier. There is no right or wrong, it depends on where you are standing. It is not always white or black, its grey.

Have a lovely week.


Saturday, 26 September 2015


Ekun Owambe, ekun enjoyment. Yea I know today is another Saturday for Asoebi and weddings. Well I have little ideas of my own on ideas for you gele and makeup game. Something unusual that I think you guys should try out. But please, if you try am and e no fit you Biko stick to your usual gele combined with red or pink lipstick.
Don't go and say I saw this on Carolesrepublic when you are looking like ojuju calabar o.
 So, for this idea of mine I used a black lipstick and a gold gele which is the only gele I have. Like I told you guys in the earlier post. I am trying to improve my makeup game. Sometimes the makeup cooperates, other times am just on my own. Ps. I did not do my whole face, just my lips and gele. I tried contouring and highlight but gave up mid way.
So what do you think?

Are you bold enough? If you are then which of these looks could you rock to a wedding reception?

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Today I was bored and restless and tired of sleeping. So I woke up had my bath and decided to do a simple tutorial in pictures. Am learning and trying to improve my makeup skills so I was thinking we should learn together. Fun yeah? 
If you are like me then you must have been wondering how do I rock dark shade of lip stain or lipstick? Here's how.
-stick with a colour that sootes you
-be cautious about the application
-you need to clean out the edges because unlike the usual shades of pink or red, if you mess up in the application of dark colours it would look good at all.
That said, for this tutorial I used
Brown lip stain
Brown lip liner
And a brush( you actually need two, one for applying the lipstick to your lips and the other for cleaning out the edges).
Step 1
Clean your lips with a facial wipe or something then apply concealer. Just like this

Step 2
Use the lip liner to line the corners of your lips. They act as a guideline kind of

Apply the lip stain or lipstick carefully and then using a bit of concealer or foundation carefully and gradually clean out the edges. When you do this, you should have something like this or better.
Viola!!! There you have it.

What do you think? Cool right. Don't worry if you didn't get it the first time. Practise makes perfect plus am still learning anyway.

Don't dorget to leave a comment and share.


Hey guys, so sorry for disappearing for a while, had to sought out some things. But trust me when I say your favorite short story series is back with a bang.
What’s more, if you can predict the next episode, you get to win a special gift. So lets play predict and win. I also want to thank our favorite read Akuoma. Thanks for always reading. Oh, Barka De Sallah to you all.

It is a fact that Derrick always looked his best, but that very day, he spent so much time dressing up. He wanted to look alluring, but also wanted to keep it simple and responsible. So he wore a blue jean and a white shirt. Then he opened the first three buttons on his shirt to reveal his large chest.
''To hell with looking responsible. At least not today. Hahaha, self love''.
Did I mention Derrick was a stupendously built guy? Alright, that would be topic for another day. Derrick drove out of his house and first, to the most expensive eatery in the town. You know, the type of eatery you only get to hear about but cannot go to, because of their distasteful bills. When he got there, he ordered four big laps of chicken, then he wasn't sure of which snacks to buy and so he got the ones he knew for sure. He also bought ice-creams, of course. He had them distribute the snacks, laps of chicken and ice-creams into four different branded nylons. Then Derrick checked the time, it was 1:49pm. He knew he would have to drive fast to meet up. When e got to the school, he parked at the spot Sonia had asked him to park. When it clocked 2pm,Derick came out of his car and leaned on it, playing games with his tablet. The sun shined so bright and so he wore his Prada sunshades to combat the powerful rays of the sun. Just as Sonia said, soon, Queen Bee showed up. Derrick saw her and he abandoned his game like he was entrapped by her beauty or something, then he started staring at her like he wanted to lure her into sin. Catherine 'Queen Bee' and her disciples abruptly stopped when they saw Derrick and then they assessed him quickly. ''Would you just check out that guy. Wow ,it's been a while I saw someone as calculated as him''
''Check out his shoes''
''Oooh! That chest sha''
''He looks like a player' though'
''Which one be your own? Won't you even be happy sef to be played by THAT type of guy?''
''Queen Bee, he is staring at you''
''Of course he is staring at me, who else would he be staring at?
Very soon, he'd come to ask me out, just watch. For the main time, let's continue to talk so it doesn't seem like we noticed him''. Catherine said. '
'The guy must be wealthy you know. He smells of class'' '
'Of course he is, look at his shoes. Those are worth 50k or even above that sef''. Catherine said.
''Hmm, Queen Bee, this is why I fancy you so much'', said Catherine
''Just by looking at his shoes, you can tell how much they are worth. I wish I were like you''.
''Well, dream on. You can never be like me. Not even close''.
''Of course I know I can never be like you, but at least just small''.
''Whatever'', said Catherine. ''I know those shades from somewhere'' ''You saw it on my phone. That's Prada's latest design. It came out last month. The guy is current. I like that''. Catherine said.
''Ah! Queen B and you are also current. He would just be a perfect match for you. You are so lucky''.
Derrick then walked to them.
''Hey ladies'' The girls wanted to respond but then Queen B gave them 'the look' and they all kept quiet. Then she spoke.
''My name is Derrick'' Derrick stretched out his hand for a handshake but Catherine didn't shake him.
''My name is Catherine, but everyone calls me Queen Bee. It's a sort of respect they accord me you know. You should call me Queen Bee. These (she points to all 5 of them) are my girls. Girls say hello to Derrick''.
''Hello Derrick'' they all said with one voice. Catherine then smiled and continued. ''They admire me so much they say I hold their lives in my hands, that I (she points to herself) am the source of their living. Can you imagine that?
''Hmmm, so I have been standing over there...''
''Looking at me, staring so lustfully. Do you always do that Derrick, or is it my beauty that struck you so hard? You know, people say I got it from my mum, but between you and I (she came very close to Derrick), she is nothing like me''.
''Ok. Well I was just wondering...''
''If I'll go on a date with you? Well honey,I am a very busy lady so I'l have to check and see if I can squeeze you in my busy schedule. You would have to take my number though, so you can call me later today to find out my answer''
Derrick saw Sonia and her friends approaching and so he quickly summed up all he had to say.
''Actually, what I was trying to say is that I have been standing over there,
waiting for Sonia Maxwell. Do you know her? Fine Arts 100 level”?
Catherine's countenance changed. She was embarrassed and disappointed. She couldn't respond, so her girls spoke on her behalf.
''Sonia, who is Sonia?''
 ''Average height, chocolate skinned, very beautiful eyes, sexy lips. Coca cola figure, hmm hmm, you can hardly not know a figure such as hers''
''Abegi make we hear''
''Guy, you should be with someone like Queen Bee and not Sonia whose name doesn't ring a bell''
''Oh! Don't take it personally, but you must be deaf not to hear the type of bell she rings. And there she is. My sunshine in the night'' '
'Hey babe'' Sonia called and Derrick went to meet her.

She wrapped her hands round his neck and he held her waist and pecked her on her nose. Then he said hello to Sonia's friends. '
''Hey Derrick'', they replied.
“You might want to check what I got for you guys. It's in the car''
they all raced to the car. Meanwhile Catherine and her girls were just a stone's throw away from Sonia and her friends. Catherine still felt debased and so she just wanted to watch them she was so annoyed and couldn't fathom why Derrick would pick Sonia over her. Melissa got to the car first, opened it and screamed. Julie and Angie also screamed when they saw it.
''It's a lie'', said Melissa.
''It's Marc Jacobs'', said Julie
''Kai! That guy is rich''
''He must be a don to buy so much from Marc Jacobs''.
''Just look at how follied their nylons are''
''Would you girls just shut up already?'' An angry Catherine cautioned.
“I hope you like them. I didn't know the particular snacks to get. They had so many lovely lovlies so I just stuck to the usual I know are tasty; sharwamas,  meat pies, doughnuts, samosas and cakes. I also got ice-creams and laps of chicken for everyone''
''Walai,I wish that 'everyone' includes me''. Catherine gave her the 'what-the-hell-did-you-just-say?' look and she changed her statement. '
'I mean, the snacks may not even be tasty sef. Even the chicken, look at how they are eating it in public, are you sure it was well prepared?''
''Yes it's true. Expensive eateries don't usually have good cooks, just enough hype to get them going''
''Hmm, but I can smell the chicken from here though. It smells so nice (Catherine gave her 'the look') ..err,doesn't mean it tastes nice.
''Well well ladies'', started Derrick, ''you all look great I must say. Why don't I take you out to any boutique of your choice, you get more dresses and keep looking great?''
Sonia and her girls jumped in excitement and Catherin just couldn't hold the anger and envy any longer and so she gave a heavy sigh and walked out. Her disciples followed her of course. Melissa really wanted to rub it in and so she went after Catherine, calling her in a mocking tone.
''Queen Bee ... Queen Bee ooo, Catheeeerineee''.
''Yes, what is it?''
''Hia, you this meaningless chick. Have you started answering another person's name? Your parents should be very ashamed of you. Move over jare'' Melissa pushed the girl out of her way and stood in front of Catherine.
''Why did you sigh like that?''
''Did she sigh with your mouth? Sabina. Abi which one be your own inside?''
''Bia alika, no let me bend you oh. Queen Bee, you saw something good and you sighed. Instead of you to go home quietly and do 1week dry fasting for God to give you something close to this, you sighed. Ok, Ngwa take it. Mtcheeeeeeeew, rubbish''.
Melissa turned around and left them. She and her friends started to laugh while Catherin and her girls walked away. It should be noted that Catherine's girls could have defended her better but they thought she deserved what she got and so they allowed Melissa rub it in.

The story continues…….