Saturday, 13 June 2015


HAPPY SUNDAY everyone, hope you all had a fabulous weekend, yes i also did lol fabulous is my my favorite word.

We have many people complaining about their difficulties when they want to comment on a post,not only on our blog  but other blogs as well, so we decided to put up this as our own little way to help, we will try our best to explain in details.

As much as we know posting a comment on blogs depend on you, because there are different methods one can post a comment with the first and most common is the posting with GOOGLE ACCOUNT also known as G-MAIL ACCOUNT to create a gmail or google account click <here>  and after that you should have been automatically signed into your device otherwise click <here> to login. But if you already have one you don't need to create another,It's very easy to create google account, it takes little or no time.

Below is an example of how to post a comment with your google account. When you click on post commentsection of any blog this image below is what will come up, then key in whatever you want to post and the next your will have to choose an identity, if you're using a phone you may have to click on your name that will appear (just like mine udoka Emereonye )to view the options, but you have to leave it the way it appeared because you want to post with your gmail account, so there is no point choosing any identity.


Just like the picture, you either preview otherwise publish or post your comment,but when you preview below is what it will appear like , in case you observed an error it's an opportunity to correct by clicking edit before posting your comment.

The next method of posting a comment is clicking on NAME/URL identity after  typing your comment, you key in the name you'll like for it to appear on the comment the way i wrote JANE on mine and post, the second picture explains what your comment will appear like.                                   


   Below is what the NAME/URL identity will look like after the blogger publishes it.

 The last and easy one is the ANONYMOUS identity,you don't need a google account for this , type your comment and click anonymous as your identity then post your comment or preview

                                      Below is what anonymous comment will appear like.

Thanks, please let us know if this helped by leaving a comment below.

This piece was gotten from my lovely friend, @udokajanee, u can follow her on Instagram and also visit her blog here it's amazing.

please pardon my camera quality oooo, na where the money reach lol. 

Remember to help someone and stay out of trouble.


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