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If you missed the first part of the story, you can check it out here

written by Jonah Sandra

Sonia dropped her feet on the ground, but still sited in the car. She turned backward and looked passionately at Derrick as if contemplating if she should give her number to him. I mean, he is hands down gorgeous and she feels so lucky that a lovely looking, RICH young guy wants to have her number.
''Is it awkward that I feel lucky? I don't look bad myself now''
She asked herself as she quickly stole a glance at her reflection in the side mirror. Then she inhaled and exhaled and began to speak so fast.
''Derrick, I am going to say what I am going to say, not because I am not cute or because I don't get hot rich guys that want to drop me off at school even if it means pouring water on their car seats (she said this because her dress was dripping water), but because you are a good guy and I don't want you to remember the girl you helped 'on Saturday morning' as a jerk. Not like I'm asking you to remember me though but I think I would be a complete jerk if I leave without giving you the phone number you requested and without telling you why".
 She paused a bit then continued.
"You see, the thing is I already like you because you are kind and sweet and attractive, very attractive. So, supposing I give you my number and you call me and we go on a date and I become attached to you, I mean, more attached to you than I already am, and then you happen to be a playboy, which God knows am trying so hard to convince myself that you are not, then I would be heartbroken and I would not want to read my books anymore and I would fail, thereby disappointing my parents who are the reason you saw me in the first place because if not for them, I wouldn't be in this school or this state and you wouldn't have met me. That said. I hope I didn't go to fast, forgive me if I did. I really am nervous and I am sure you can tell. So, have a nice day''.
Derrick just kept looking at her with a charming smile, as she walked away. After a few hours, Sonia came out of the school gate with her friends. They were chatting about something funny and suddenly she saw Derrick’s car. ''He didn't leave?''
She asked herself loudly. ''Who didn't leave?''
Julie asked. ''Long story guys, all I want you to do for me right now is, you see that jeep over there?'' ''The army green? Angela asked. ''Angie, that's the only jeep there'', Sonia replied. ''Ok, yeah, sure, so what about it?'' Angela asked.
''Please don't let the guy in there see me ok? You guys just have to hide me somehow''.
 ''I suggest you walk in the middle and we all walk fast to the road so that we can take a cab quickly'', said Julie.
''Thank God the rain would soon stop'' said Angela
''what does the rain have to do with us moving fast Angie?'' Julie asked.
''Nothing really, don't mind me''.
All the while, Melissa was quiet and just kept staring at the jeep, hoping to see the person who Sonia was hiding from, since there wasn't any explanation for why she was hiding from him. As they tried to walk past, Derrick noticed a group of people walking and they seemed to be hiding something or someone, so he kept looking at them. Soon, they got to the road and as they entered a taxi, he saw Sonia. He knew she was trying to get away from him and wondered why. He quickly followed the taxi.
          Derrick drove faster than the taxi of course and soon he was ahead of them. He then blocked the way with his car, so that the taxi couldn't pass freely and had to stop.
''Oh no! What is all this?'' Finally, Melissa spoke. 
''Babe, abeg did you steal from this man?'' 
''What sort of question is that?'' 
''Well that is the only reason I feel you would want to hide from him''.
 All the while, the taxi driver had been raising his voice at Derrick who kept calm in his car. 
''Tell us Sonia, what is the story behind this? For sure we would believe you and stand by you''. 
Julie said. 
''Argh! I did nothing wrong. I just refused to give him my number when he gave me a lift to the school gate this morning'' 
''Wait o'', the taxi driver began, 
''Omo, so na phone number naim this man dey find? Mtchew, na so dem go dey pursue woman, when belle follow now, all man to himself. Nonsense''.
 ''Please nobody asked of your opinion, abi you no follow for the people wey dem dey call men? Sonia asked. 
''Sorry oh'' The cab man replied. 
''Sweetheart, this isn't mature you know, it is just a number'' 
''Well, I can't give it to him" 
"Melissa, you are tough. Why not go talk him out of our way?'' 
''If you say so''.
Melissa got out of the taxi and walked straight to Derrick’s car. He opened the door for her to come in and talk but when she saw him, it was like she couldn’t breathe. She tried to say something but no word came out of her mouth. She was speechless. Embarrassed at how cold she became, she sighed heavily and walked away, back to the taxi. When the girls saw Melissa approaching angrily, they thought she had given him a piece of her mind, but then she entered the taxi and the story changed. ''Sonia, you are such an idiot. Don't take it personally, I just can't figure out why on earth you would be running away from ‘THAT’ type of guy. Your mates are 'running to' and you are running away. It doesn't make sense at all''
''Hmm, ''the taxi driver sighed, ''na fine I go chop?'' 
''Babe, I don't know if you have a phobia for fine guys o, fine rich guys for that matter, but please save us the wahala of staying here inside this adegboroja taxi without AC biko''. 
''Okaaaaaay,na now una know say my motor no get AC abi?'' 
''Please will you shut up? Said Sonia, angrily. 
''You shut down and shut out'', replied the taxi driver. 
He removed his cap and threw it on the floor, came out of his car and opened the door for them.
 ''All of una oya comot for my car'' 
When they came out,he held Sonia. He knew that the girls would refuse to pay him and he knew he couldn't fight them all,so he took advantage of the fact that there was a rich man waiting on Sonia. He grabbed her arm so hard and tight that she screamed,then he shouted at her and threatened fire and brimstone if they didn't give him his money.
"Oga how much is your money sef?" asked Melissa

Two thousand naira?
''Aaah! Ole,shebi you want to reap where you did not sow abi? Your money is 500,how did it reach 2000 now now?'' inquired Angela.
''This man is a criminal'', said Julie.
''Ooh God! This is embarrassing. Girls can we just pay...''
''Pay what?'' Melissa cuts in. ''When Mr. Rich is there? The sole architect of this 2000 wahala? Your knight in flashy armor? Abeg oh,I suddenly realize I don't have any money''.
''Meeelissaaaa'',the girls shouted.
Derrick who had been watching them all along, then came out of his car and walked towards them.
''My God! He is coming'', Sonia panicked.
''E better for you o,e better for you'', the driver said.
''Virgin Mary Mother of God, Angie, can you see what I am seeing?'' inquired Julie, from a speechless Angela. ''Walai eh, Melissa was being soft, you are not an idiot, you are empty''
''Thanks for the encouragement Julie, I needed that''.
''You are welcome my dear'', Julie replied.
''Hey girls,I am Derrick...''
The angry driver cuts in
''And I am waiting for my 3000naira''.
''Aaaah!'' The girls shouted.
          Derrick looked at the driver, smiled, dipped his hands in his pocket, brought out some money, counted 5000naira,to the amazement, shock and anger of the girls, and gave the taxi driver. The taxi driver jumped up and down four times and then said
''Mama Nkechi, here I come. Hahahah thank you sir. God bless you sir''.
He entered his car and shouted
''Sonia oooo'', then he drove out of sight.
''What an actor''. Said Derrick
''A jerk you mean'' Julie responded, then she looked at Derrick and said
''My name is Julie and this is Melissa and Angie, Angela actually''.
''Nice to meet you all. Err, please can we all go somewhere we can relax?
''Na him you carry sofry sofry dey talk? Oh please! I'm thirsty already''.
Melissa said and then she went straight to his car, opened it and sat at the back seat. Julie and Angela were struck by her boldness and so they followed her and left Sonia with Derrick.
''So dear, your friends are in the car now, do I have to carry you inside?''
''I can take a cab home from here you know''
''I know, and we are not enemies, so I beg you to please allow me take you out for lunch. Please Sonia''.
Sonia took a few steps, looked back at him and said
''I don't like you''
''I'll keep that in mind'', Derrick replied.
She then walked to his car and sat in the front seat which was skillfully reserved for her and then Derrick got in, started the car and drove off.

The story continues.....


Akuoma Onyeriri said...

Hmmm...pls post more often...interesting piece

Akuoma Onyeriri said...

Hmmm...pls post more often...interesting piece

carole ibe said...

Alright dear. The third part would be coming up today. Stay glued.