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Derrick drove to a classy eatery with the girls. They all got down and entered the eatery. Angie couldn’t hold her joy any longer and then she spoke.
 ''Wooow! I have always dreamt of entering this place. It is even more beautiful on the inside than outside''. Melissa quickly whispered ''Angie, disgrace us all oh''.
 Derrick found two spots and gently asked the girls
''Girls, I would love to have a word with your friend in private so please, can I take her away from you for now? We would sit just there'', he points.
Melissa smiled, Angie pushed her shoulder forward and back, while Julie nodded.
''I take that as a yes then, so please waiter:'' He spoke to the waiter who was standing beside them
''Give them whatever they ask of, except you life''. They all laughed and he went with Sonia.
A gentleman that Derrick was, he made sure Sonia sat down before he did. Then he went through the menu, called out a few of his favorite dishes and drinks and asked Sonia which she would love. She told him she wasn't in a hurry to collect anything from him and then for the first time since they met, Derrick frowned. ''Hmm'', looking at his sad face, ''that's new''. Derrick then spoke to her in a warm voice.
''Ever since I laid my eyes on you, I have done nothing but be good to you. I have tried my best to show you in a simple way that I like you, you? You effortlessly show hatred, disgust and pride, every chance you get. But you know what Sonia? Beneath all that, I sense fear. What I don't know actually is what you are afraid of. Surely I am not the first guy to show interest in you am I? No. Is this the way you treat every guy that shows interest in you? Surely not. Then why treat me so? I really like you and I can't help it. My mum isn't happy I don't have a girlfriend''.
Sonia looked at him sternly.
''Yeah I know that sounds like shit to you but it's the truth. She is scared that I may be lonely, given the fact that I am the only child she has. The truth is that, I am in fact actually lonely, but I am not the type of guy that jumps from one girl to the other. I hate embarrassments, even though I have received enough today to last me for an entire year''.
Sonia laughs. Derrick smiled and then looked at her deeply.
''I have not said this since I met you, so permit me darling to say it now. You are indeed a beauty. You should smile more often''.
''Look Derrick would be very honest with you. The reason I tried to avoid you so much is because I don't want to get my heart shattered again. I fell in love with a corps member in my SS1. He was my Biology teacher. We were first friends and then lovers. My parents knew him, my brothers too''.
He looked at her with a question mark on his face. She knew why he looked at her and then she cleared the air.
''Yes'', she smiled, ''I am the only girl and not the only child as I made you believe. I loved him with all of my heart but he clearly wanted more and I was too blind to see it. I told him I made my mum a promise to wait till I get married and he didn't see any sense in it. One day I paid him a visit and I caught him making out with a fellow corps member. I felt like a little fool and you know what? I called her a whore and she called me a little whore. He showed no remorse. He said he had to see to his needs since I was blind to them. Kai! I felt used. I hated myself more because I couldn't bring myself to hate him even as I looked at him with that lady. I stood, frozen stiff, and he told me to stare at them all I wanted and when I was tired I should ''get the hell out'', she said in his voice. I didn't think I deserved it. My parents made me leave the school. They didn't want me to see him anymore but sadly I had a piece of him in my head. I knew what it took me to get over him. Now that taught me a lesson, that love is a fire. You don't play with it unless you are prepared to get your hands burnt. Guys want only one thing in girls and this baby right here (she points to herself) is not giving''.
Derrick wanted to speak but she cut him short. Then she spoke in a lustful tone. ''When I saw you this morning, i knew I was in trouble. Derrick you are a cutie''. He smiled.
''What do you think?'' asked Melissa.
''Well honey, with the smiles and all, I think they are going somewhere'', Julie replied. ''I would really love them to date you know'', said Angie.
“I mean it. I saw you today and I froze stiff. I told myself that you would be my undoing. I made my parents a promise to graduate with a first class and I don't want a relationship to come in between that. I don talk too much sef, mouth don dey pepper me''.
Derrick laughed.
''I really do not know what you want Derrick. Surely, you can't see a girl for the first time and want to date her''.
''Well love, I am not going to break your heart. And yes, I can actually see someone and want to date her. I like you more than enough already. I am a simple guy, down to earth. I hate lies and I hate pretense. And I promise that if we date and it doesn't work out, it wouldn't be because you want to keep yourself till you get married. I respect that a lot in a woman''. She thought he meant he respected virgins but he didn't.
''I respect a woman who has values and knows how to keep them. However, don’t let your values keep you from being happy. I really like you. Very much''. ''Nice speech'', said Sonia. ''So can I have your number?'' ''Sure you can''. After they exchanged numbers, Derrick called the waiter and asked her to give him her orders and she did. The waiter then brought what she ordered, along with their bill. Derrick paid and still asked the girls if they wanted something else. Angela was quick to answer.
''Yes please, ice-cream would be nice, but I already asked and the guy said they don't sell it here. I know where we can get though''. Julie pinched Angela and Angela responded.
''Lemme o, because when we get home now you would not allow me take it in peace''.
''Okay Angela, so where do you have in mind?''

Derrick drove them to the place where Angela spoke of and got them ice creams. He then took them to their hostel and went further to drop Sonia at her apartment. ''So this is where you stay princess''. ''Yes but you aren't invited''. ''Ok. Like I said, I would respect your values. Have a great day''. He pecked her on her nose and left. Immediately he drove off, Sonia called the girls and they all came over to her place to gossip.
''Oooh dear, this is one thing you can't be wrong about I tell you'', said Julie to Sonia. ''He is so cute'', added Angela ''Polite'', added Julie again ''And willing to spend'', Melissa concluded. Girls would burn with hate when they see us walk with him''. ''You mean when they see HER walk with him'', Julie corrected. ''Whatever. You should flaunt him you know. Stupid Catherine that carries herself as if she is the owner of our department, she would die if she sees you with a guy as cute as Derrick. Tell him to come pick us up from school after lectures on Monday''. ''Meeelissaaaa'', the girls shouted. ''Since when did he become my drive nah? Abeg oh''. ''Forget that thing joor, the guy I saw likes you scarra. You should really ask him and I tell you he will and then you can flaunt him before Catherine and her swine’s''. ''Hmm, speaking of flaunting him before self acclaimed Queen Bee, well, that's something to go by oh'', Julie spoke. Suddenly, Sonia's phone rang and it was Derrick calling.... Sonia ended the call and looked thrown off balance.
''Sonia, what di he say?'' She looked at the girls with shock and replied ''He wants me to meet his mother........ Tomorrow''.

The story continues......

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