Friday, 11 September 2015


These past days I got to read about the death of a family of eight who lost their lives to a fire outbreak in Lagos state. Those who lost their lives, include a new borne baby, grandmother, daughter, sons, father and mother. After reading this story I began to truly understand something my sister used to say to me.

She would say. ‘Ozi, we don’t have money but at least, we are complete’

Complete. This word now holds a new meaning to me. It is now I really begin to appreciate the importance of having your family around. These people that died would give anything to see themselves one last time.

Dear God, I am just grateful and humbled.


Carina Jacob said...

i am grateful to God for always protecting me and my family. nice post!

carole ibe said...

Thanks Carina. i stopped by your blog and its rocking.