Monday, 7 September 2015


Hello my sweet potatoes, happy Monday to you all. How was your weekend? Hope you had fun all and plenty orishi rishi.
You see I have been privileged to work in an office environment and since I love to observe and study people, I have come across different variety of co-workers. Some are strange; others are annoying while some are outright unbelievable.

Miss too hot to handle
This girl/lady is averagely good-looking and very flashy. But the problem is she sees herself as Miss Nigeria, and doesn’t fail to tell anybody who cares to listen that she actually tried contesting but the judges were just too partial. She goes round the office like the place is beneath her and she is just managing here, no be say she too need the job. Oya resign now, e no gree.

Mr. Try your luck/ Mr. annoying/Mr. playboy
Mr. try your luck/Mr. playboy/Mr. annoying is that guy that has made it his official duty to ask out/toast every lady who works in the office. He doesn’t even want to know if the lady he just asked out is your sister or close friend. He considered every lady fair game so he chases after all with hopes that one would agree to go out with him. Mr. playboy can be very annoying because most times, nobody wants him.

Unofficial office PR
This one knows about everything that is going on in the office. Whether it is in their department or not. They have taken it upon their self to know everybody’s business. If you want to know about any current gist in the office, all you have to do is chat them up and your ears would be filled with both the info you want plus the ones you don’t want. After all, you are one that asked for it.

The hard working
These ones are genuinely hardworking and are willing to help anyone with challenges they are facing as long as you ask politely. Apart from work they are usually boring.

The list can never be complete without this set of workers. They are not smart, but Oga doesn’t know this, why? Because any time Oga is around, they always seem to be working and always have a very serious face on. They are the first to go for meetings, first to come to the office, first to go and help oga/madam carry their bags. God forbid, she was talking to you and oga works in while you are trying to ask her what she was saying. Ah, she would give you the blank look like ‘I do not know what you are talking about’.And you would just be shocked.

I just decided to add this one as a bonus. I feel like not every organization has them, I mean, places like oil companies shouldn't have workers like this since they pay them well. abi no be so? 
This type of people are unique, because they do not directly ask you to lend them money o..... mbanu. They have different strategies like this. 'Hey can i get like 2k from you, i just want to offset some bills, i didn't know I left my ATM in the house. I promise id give you back tomorrow.' for where you wan see dem collect the money?. In your dreams? Just say bye bye to that money.
The most annoying thing about this type of co-worker is, if you try asking them about your money, they would start ranting like 'is it because of 2k you are talking to me like this'? Oya pay the money na? like i said, in your dreams.

If you have a different category of co-workers and you would like to share please leave a comment below.

Have a blessed week.



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