Saturday, 5 September 2015


The woman saw that the tree was good and pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise,she took of the fruit thereof...(Gen3:6;KJV)

Eve was the final piece in the amazing puzzle of God's creation.As her descendants, we have inherited her inclination to sin, particulary when it comes to questioning God's sufficiency in our lives and His wisdom. This God sef! Why did He even make me black when I am supposed to be fair? You then go and indulge in bleaching products. This God, why did He make me a man when I am supposed to be a woman. You then look for the best plastic surgeon who is ready to eat your money. This God sef, why would He say a woman is meant for a man and vice versa, what is wrong with same sex? After all I love him/her as I love myself. No b so bible talk? This God sef why did He make me a Nigerian when I am supposed to be an American? You do all sorts of ear itching things to get out of the country by force. 
Eve was Satan's easy prey, for he knew her weakness: Lack of contentment. How could she be happy when she was not allowed to eat from one, just one, out of many fruit trees? Eve fell for the idea that the one item that was not within her reach would make her happy and fulfilled. And Eve was willing to accept Satan's suggestions without checking with God. 

Sound familiar?

 How often is our attention drawn from the much we possess to the little that we don't? We get that I've-got-to-have-it feeling. We open ourselves to envy, hatred, greed, and all kinds of selfish behaviors in order to satisfy our longings. And when we follow through our impulses, the satisfaction we find, the sense of fulfillment we so much crave for, is hollow and vanishes quickly. God has given us all we need to be happy. The greatest of His gifts to us is HIMSELF. Why waste our time pursuing vain things?

Focus on all God has given you (life,good health,peace,joy,grace,mercy,name it), not on the little you lack. Learn to enjoy Him and His providence for you and you will be truly happy.

And the Lord said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.(Gen3:13;KJV)

When God asked Adam about his sin, Adam blamed it on Eve. Eve also in defense, blamed it on the serpent. And if God had inquired of the serpent, I am sure he would have blamed it on Adam and Eve also. How relieved Eve must have been when God turned to the serpent and announced his punishment! Her relief however was short lived as her punishment was given also. God refused to accept her excuse and held her responsible for her wrongdoing. 
It is so easy to give an excuse for our sins by blaming someone else or something. You fornicated,oh! It is the devil's work or no oh! We are just getting to know each other. You gave her money for an abortion,oh! I don't have money to marry her and start a family, or I am not ready for marriage yet. You are a prostitute, an armed robber, a ritualist, a kidnapper, a rapist, fraudster,oh! It's poverty oh! Remember,God did not spare His very first creation. We must account for our sins. Don't make matters worse by blaming someone or something. Know God and do the right thing; that which pleases Him. 

Blaming someone else for our wrongdoing, only increases the consequences of our sins.
Written by Jonah Sandra

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