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So many people try to hide under this, but I ask, would you conceive doubts in your mind when the going is so good? Before you say anything to that, read the story below.

      Sonia promised to be a good girl and so her parents agreed to send her to the University of Lagos, which was terribly far from where they resided. Something they had been very skeptical of, but for the fact that her aunt kept telling them, ''the more you treat her like a child unable to take care of herself the less she thinks of herself as an adult''. 
A very intelligent girl that Sonia was scoring the highest in the Post UME was a child's play. She got admitted into the University of Lagos to study Fine Arts. She always dreamt of being a fine artist and one day she hopes to make a magnificent drawing of the president of the United States of America. Soon, she made new friends; Melissa, Julie and Angela. She met them in the bank the day she went to pay her school fees. It was a long queue as new students gathered for the same reason. She saw Melissa, Angela and Julie and they began talking. One topic after another and then they exchanged numbers.

Her friends were given hostels but Sonia had no need for one. She had an apartment rented for her by her parents who thought staying off campus would give her the peace and quiet needed to make good grades. It was the middle of the semester and students had started getting surprise quizzes from their lecturers. One very cold Satuday morning, Sonia was called by Angela who informed her that there was a quiz by 11am that day. Sonia checked the time and she had less than an hour to leave the house and get to the school. How would she get to the school, she thought. It was raining Jack and Jill. She jumped into the gown she wore to the market the previous day, picked up a pen and zoomed off. She left the house in such a hurry that she forgot it was raining and this forgot to take her umbrella with her. She only realized this when she got to the road. She stood in the rain, by the road, waving at any car that passed all to no avail. When she got tired of waving and lost hope of writing the quiz, she started shedding tears.

The wonderful weather had become a torn in her flesh, she thought. Then a car parked at her front. It was like someone dropped a car in front of her, as she didn’t see it coming. The windows got down and she saw him. How possible is it for someone to be that handsome. She wondered as she stared blankly at his face and then he spoke, 
''can I give you a ride love?'' 
Oooh! I would die if I don’t follow you, she secretly thought. She looked at him for five more seconds and then he smiled and said, 
''honey, I don’t bite you know''.
 ''With that golden smile, I would really love to get bitten. Oh no! Bite me please'', 
she thought to herself and then she reached for the door, opened it, entered the exclusive jeep and sat down. She then picked up courage, looked him in the face and said, 
''Hi, my name is Sonia. I am the only child of my parents. They would be devastated if they lost me, so please if you cannot do me the favor of dropping me at my school gate, I’d appreciate it so much if you just let me out of your car right now. Thank you''. 
''Nice speech'', he said. 
He smiled at her, started the engine and took off. On the way, he introduced himself. 
''My name is Derrick and contrary to what you thought earlier, I am an architect and not a kidnapper or ritualist''. 
He looked at her, her face was cold and her eyes fixed on the road. She looked scared. 
''I understand you must be a year one student, well sweetheart, I once wore your shoes. So why are you going to school today, and in the rain? Today is Saturday isn't it?"
 ''Yes, that’s my school gate''.
 ''Finally she speaks, again''.
 Sonia opened the door just immediately he pulled over, and was about to put her first foot out when he held her hand. She got chills all over her body.
 ''Can I at least get your number so that I can remember the girl whose wet clothes soaked my car seat?

The story continues....


Anonymous said...

I love where this is going.... Nice one

Unknown said...

ok. still room for improvement . need to be concise

carole ibe said...

Dear unknown, thanks for taking out time to read. We promise to put in more hardwork.
Dear anonymous, thanks for reading.