Monday, 15 June 2015


Hello republicans, how are you doing, how was your weekend? Hope it went well because mine was fab. You see, I stay in Abj, but I don’t go out a lot, so I was just doing my usual boring stuff, when my friend (Cy) decided that we should go out, and just chill, nothing upscale, just good old chilling. So I decided What Can I Loose…  Sharp Sharp, we dressed up and headed out.

Who else would i go with if not the one that brought up the idea, i went with my friend (Cy). now you all know what she looks like. Omo the girl can worry o, Carole why you sipping our drink like that, Carole don't hold your phone that way, Carole this, Carole that! Odiegwu! she's cool though  

We went to the poolside at Sandralia Hotel in Jabi Abuja, I did not even know the place existed,( demo go sell me for this Abuja collect change) smh...

 When we got there the poolside was relatively busy, with people just chilling and taking selfies. You know Abuja people and forming now, And oh! Did I mention that they had volleyball and squash there, when I asked the waiter he said you have to be lodged at the hotel or register at the gym. Otherwise, you have to pay the sum of N500, which I think its cool.

It took like forever before we got our order. However, i noticed that the pepper source that came the samosa was more of stew than pepper source, but the samosa was really good. Sorry had to edit the pix small.

 Oh! Before I forget, guess who we ran into, Mr. Chigozie the Nollywood actor. I did not recognize him at first, he has added so much weight. Still looks good though.

All in all it was a good outing, and we had fun.
Have you been to Sandralia Hotel before, tell us about it and lets share your experience with you. I made my hair o, finally. Does it look good on me? Please leave a comment and share. Also follow us on Instagram _zizy_ and twitter @carolesreoublic
Remember to stay out of trouble and help someone.


Udoka Emereonye said...

Awww,I enjoyed reading every-bit of this Carol.. Yes, me heart your hair, and good to know you had fun.
Looking forward to reading more from you hun.

Statuesque said...

Kudos to you ozi, which one is carole again?? *kids* keep doing what you are doing and dont despise small beginnings God will lift you up! (Farida)

carole ibe said...

Ewo! Farida hahahahqha. U won't kill me. That's my other name o! Thanks

carole ibe said...

Aww jane my love . I hope I don't disappoint. Tanks love