Friday, 23 October 2015


A few days ago the country woke to the news that popular gossip blogger Linda Ikeji just bought a mansion on Banana Island worth 500million naira. And as expected,people went crazy. I take that back, I personally think people where in shock at first before the message registeredthen they went crazy.

There was a lot of talk regarding this topic, but the ones that drew my attention was that of her finding a man to marry when she was so obviously successful.??? Like are you guys kidding me?


The whole talk about Linda Ikeji and her mansion took me back to a BET TV series titled Being Mary Jane. You see Mary Jane Paul the lead character of the series is a black successful woman who is a presenter at a TV station. She obviously is being paid a watery some at here job and this you can see from the type of car she drives and the condo where she lives. But unfortunately she has been unlucky with love. So she just like Linda Ikeji is a single black woman, and trust me it makes everything worse in our society. Mary Jane Paul just like Linda Ikeji happens to be the most successful in their families, which is maid up of men and women alike and so family member have tasted from their wealth and are truly not shy to ask for more.


So why cant this be enough, why must women who aresuccessful than most men in the country and in their fields, who take care of their family members be reduced to baby making machines? Is it not possible for her to be so much more?

There was a scene in ‘Being Mary Jane where Mary Janetold her niece who is just about 19 and has two kids by two different men that 

‘ There is more to life than making babies and then her niece (Nicey) said something like at least she (Nicey) had kids and what did her aunt Mary Jane have to show for allher wealth??? 

Did you know that African woman especially, come under serious criticism from outsiders and members of their immediate family also?

Dose this mean that a woman no matter how successful she is, is considered incomplete without a husband by her sideand a child to call hers

Linda Ikeji just bought a new mansion for herself and her family and instead of people to be happy for her, what they say instead is ‘who is going to marry her now’? That is just dumb sh*t.

I would end this long write up with this question.


Is a ‘man’ who is scared of dating a successful woman a ‘man’ at all?



(Image credit BET and Bellanaija)



Anonymous said...

This is so true.

carole ibe said...

Yeah it is