Friday, 3 July 2015


The other day in the office, i was telling my colleague his hard it is for a single lady ti make it in the country and she was like Carole do you know a similar topic was trending on twitter a few days ago? i was like its a lie joh, you too dey life sef. She  then suggested i check in out. iI was amazed at what i found.

I have always had a strong opinion on women issues and the way we are treated nd seen in our society.
There was a day i took a cab home from the office, and i got talking with the cab man. I said 'oga, e no bad if i get car o, at least to help my movement, because i no dey close from work on time how you see am na'. What i heard him say just made we wonder, when would all this stop. He said 'sister shebi you never marry, abeg make you no buy car till you marry if not you no go see husband. Even if you marry, wait till your husband buy for you, na truth i dey tell you! Can you imagine.

its hard enough being a woman in general, but being a female in Nigeria is way much harder. I sometimes wish guys could just be in our shoes fr a day at least and get to know how it feels to be a lady in this our country Nigeria.

Let me know your thoughts on the topic....  Have a lovely day

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