Wednesday, 8 July 2015


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How you doing (in Wendy's voice). This week am sure you guys noticed i did not put up a post about 'weekend Recap'. Well, thats partly because i did not really go anywhere. So i have been kind of toying around with idea on what to write about. This blogging thing is not easy o especially when your niche isn't entertainment and celebrity gossip. People like myself who are 'in between' have to find ways to keep our blogs interesting and entertaining at the same time.

So this week, we were ushered in with news about another Kardashian break up. Courtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have finally called it quits after 9 long years. This break did not really come as a surprise for me because if you watch their reality show like i do, you would have noticed the extra stress it took Kourtney to get Scott to 'behave'. And even after the therapy and counseling, and every other thing rich people do when they have problems they don't understand, Scott did not really change much. Even after three kids. So I am going to give you guys some reasons why i said this did not come as a surprise.

Let me say this like Wendy Williams would. You see, to me, Scott has always been a 'bad boy' who never grew up. Scott likes to show off his cars toys to his friends, he loves to go on escapades, club all night and sleep all morning, make out with as many girls as you can lay your hands on and repeat the routine again. He was into that kind of thing.

Scott was the only child of his parents, so he was not really used to having people around all the time, unlike the Kardashians who are from a very big family. Times without number, he had always complained about how he just wanted to be alone, and how he sometimes found the Kardashians overwhelming.

During their relationship, Scott appeared to be sex starved. He sometimes used to joke that the only time Kourtney wanted to have sex was when she wants a baby. There was this one time he got sexual with Khole and she got uncomfortable with it.

There you have it. What are your thoughts on this break up. Please remember to leave a comment and share. Oh! by the way, our blog would be one month old on 10/7/2015! i know right wink.
Have a lovely day.

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