Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hey guys! I know say una don tire for my matter, but no yawa. Country man talk say at all at all na him bad pass. I am here and yes I missed you guys so much.

Did I tell you I travelled to the East? Yes o, I went for my brother's wedding that's why I haven't put up any post in a while. You know now, as family consign, you have to be out and about and help in anyway you can. It's what we do. If you are a Nigerian I'm sure you would understand what I'm talking about.
Ndi ogo
(in laws) on our way to the wedding

Omo to marry nor easy o! Even if you have hired all the planners and help you can find, you would still find yourself running around to make sure everything is in order.
sitted and waiting to see our wife

My brother married from Anambara state and I must confess that Awka is not a bad place to dwell at all. 
Did I tell you that Anambara people can cook ofe onugbu like their last breath counted on it? Chai, there is God oh. I almost bit my fingers because of sweet soup. Chai ndi Anambara, unu na shi ofe. 

I enjoyed the ceremony so much, especially the local delicacies, ranging from ofe onugbu to Ukwa to Mmi nku (palm wine) and so much more. Kai! Village sweet o. Wish I could relive the moment.
cross section of the guest enjoying the food and drinks

my young sister battling with her chicken

My journey there wasn't quite as good. I realised on the bus that there are different types of passengers you meet on the bus. And this is what the next post is going to be about. The post is going to be written by Jonah Sandra, our guest writer, lastest mum and wife. She has travelled a lot and I decided, who best to tell us about this variety of passengers than her.

That reminds me. What is the Governor of Abia state doing about the horrible road conditions in his state. I was scared for my life..
people of Abia state. tell your governor to work on your road biko

I hope your ministry is moving to the permanent site o. If it isn't, then you're doing something wrong. Have a lovely weekend.

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