Tuesday, 16 June 2015


My people how una dey, how your ministry dey move, as for mine we are moving but e be like say the speed be like snail...... but any which way the main thing be say WE ARE MOVING!
Wow, blogging is not not easy o! whoever said it is just wants to deceive you, because as of now i think this blog has become more tasking than my full time job, because you always have to keep writing, at least so your potential readers can have something to read when they finally decide to show up, also the whole social media networking is on another level. Anyway back to matters arising.

So my colleague and i went to Garki Ultra Modern Market today in search of an item, we had roamed all around the market, in search of this item, but couldn't find it, and we were about giving up when we saw this shop, they actually sell clothes and they were on SALES!!! you see i love sales, because they give you an opportunity to buy something you really need but at a cheaper price. isn't that awesome... anyway i convinced her and she said only if i go in first, because she don tire. See talk o, no be you deny find something?

Anyway, i agreed to go in because what are friends for. But as i opened the door to the store a sales girl who was passing by sized me up and down then murmured 'hello'..... .
You know the way someone go look you up come down accessing if you're worth their time or not, that was the way this lady looked at me. In my mind i was like (Ah ah, kilode, what have i done wrong this time)?. and in that moment i decided that lai lai, what ever business i was going to transact with this store would never happen. Haba, some one you don't know from Adam. The lady just killed my morale just like that. but trust me i let the manager know what the lady had just done and he apologised, and as i was leaving, i heard him summoning the lady.

The morale of my story is that, FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS A LOT!!! 
In plain english, TRY NOT TO USE YOUR MOOD TO AFFECT OTHERS, because most times you are the one that would loose. I know we all have mood swings, but PLEASE TRY TO KEEP IT AWAY FULL STOP.  See you see potential customer o. Odiegwu! 

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I hope you guys have been sharing and recommending the post on OUR blog o. Haba! so you've been slacking? ok I forgive you just remember to share and comment this time around o!

                        UNA DO WELL O!!!