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When I started this post, my initial aim was to write about 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD LEAVE THAT RELATIONSHIP. But when I started writing on VIOLENCE IN RELATIONSHIP, I realized I couldn’t stop, because this is a situation that is becoming to common in our society, and I just cant stay quiet when it comes to topics like this.

For me, I believe this is a situation that is becoming too rampant in our society…
There are different forms of abuse but for the purpose of this post, I would stick to physical abuse/ violence in relationships.

Please listen to me, it all begins with a push, then a shove, then e go enter slap then your partner begs you, or probably buys you something nice and pretty and you forgive… Then IT HAPPENS AGAIN. I think I have read about it somewhere where it was called circle of abuse.
The thing with staying in an abusive relationship is that, no matter how many times your partner promises to change, it would happen again and again. It all starts with relationships then it proceeds to marital violence, which is the senior brother of the former.
The point am trying to make is that, when you notice signs like this in your relationship please CUT OUT, FIND YOUR WAY, and if you feel helpless please reach out to somebody, anybody and you would be amazed at the response you get.

The one that pains me the most is the way issues like this are treated in our society, let me give you an instance, there was this story I read online about a guy who was beating up a girl in the club, and some guys rushed to help out, but when they found out the guy was the lady’s boyfriend everyone just backed off and watched as the guy completely battered this lady, can you imagine this!!! If na him babe, and so what? Should the girl be killed because she happens to find herself in a relationship with that guy. NO HUMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO HURT ANOTHER, ARE YOU GOD???
I know we can get annoying sometimes, or say things that are better left unsaid, but no matter the offense, no matter the agitation, I am one who has always believed that there are better ways to punish a person rather than resulting to violence.

Another scenario was a story I heard while I was serving, about how a man used to beat up his wife. It got so bad that she decided to leave the house, but trust our people now. They did not allow her to rest, ‘sister you self what did you do to upset him, ah! you have to forgive and forget’, ‘remember that it is for better or worse’. ‘If you don’t go and take care of your husband another woman would’.
They did not allow this woman to hear word, even her own family members pushed her until she packed her things and went back to her so called husband.

It was all sunshine and laughter till his anger stroke again, but this time she wasn’t so lucky… She died.
One thing, you should have in mind is that this is a situation only you can bring yourself out of. BECAUSE IF YOU DIE TODAY, THE SAME PEOPLE THAT PUSHED YOU INTO THE MARRIAGE WOULD HELP YOUR HUSBAND GET ANOTHER WIFE.

So please, my darling republicans, I love you to much to loose any of you. But you have to help yourself first and take that decision to leave no matter what anyone says. Please lets help each other biko.

Please if you have anything to add concerning this topic, or if you have been a victim, help someone with your story by leaving a comment, or send me an email. Don’t forget to share this post and lets gets people informed.



Magana Natural Care said...

Poor marriage foundation is indicted in this kind of scenario

Magana Natural Care said...

Poor marriage foundation is indicted in this kind of scenario

carole ibe said...

I believe so. Thanks for stopping by