Friday, 19 June 2015


Hello my lovely choco milos, I dint put up a post yesterday and since then, I've left like something has been missing. You see, that's how much i care about you guys. Anyway how have you guys been, how is work, or how is business? You know I always encourage you guys to ginger yourself by yourself and get something doing, no matter how small, its always better than sitting idle and waiting for manner from heaven. Don’t forget, an idle mind is the devils work shop. Continue after the cut..

So, how's your Friday going, whats your plan for the night? As for me, I have been out for three consecutive Fridays and I think I have had enough fun to take me through this night so, i'd just sit this one out, and spend the night sleeping, watching movies or id probably dance a little bit of shakiti bobo…. My God I love that song, and the dance steps are just crazy, see just forget Olamide killed it!! and am loving it.

Enh what was I even talking about again, you know Yemi Alade abi, the one that was looking for Johnny? Omo o ti blow(pardon my yoruba, she don blow).  I have been following her career for some time now and I think she has come a long way, I don’t know her personally but from a distance (which is my tv set), I can perceive that she is a hard working lady, and not a one hit wonder.
I was watching tv at CY’s house the other day and I saw Yemi again, with another new song, I think this one is titled POSE ft R2bees.

Let me tell you guys, the video was amazing. I havnt really had time to sit down and listen the song wella, but the video had me glued to the tv. It was clean, fresh and lovely. And YEMI can dance (see the way am calling her name like I know her from somewhere, don’t worry, in my mind we are friends). I think the idea for the video was how we ladies strike a pose for pictures on instagram, and it came out really well.
                                          image credit google/emeka143 photography
                                               image credit
Left for me I think Tiwa Savage, should watch her back, because Yemi is taking over us, taking over…. You know that song now.
Please listen to the song for me, for those of hanging out today, and tell me what you tink about it. 

Also, don’t forget to send me images of how you spent you fabulous weekend, you can tag me on instagram @_zizy_ so we can share with you on ‘WEEKEND RECAP’.
I have a ‘mother daughter expo i'd be attending on Sunday at Holy Trinity Cathedral, in MAITAMA Abuja. Id definitely tell you guys about it.

Till then, have fun, help somebody and please stay out of trouble


                                     THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!


IamN said...

Hello. I think you should stop writing in short hand a lot. "Dint" and the likes... doesn't augur well for readers from diverse geographies.

carole ibe said...

thanks a lot, i appreciate your candid advice, would implement as soon as possible. thanks for stopping by.