Monday, 29 June 2015


Hey guys, hope you had a lovely weekend because i did. I don't know if it's just me but there is something about narrating how my weekend went to you guys that makes me feel so good. I think its because i know there is something to look forward to, plus i love gisting a lot. Anyway, so this weekend I attended the wedding of one of my girls, we were class mates way back in high school, and guess what? We were even even in the same dance group! Yeah i know i don't look like it now, but back then i used to be a pretty good dancer, and the name of our dance group was G5! (I know it sounds silly).
It was a dance group made up of five girls, and one of us got married on Saturday. Hmm, how time flies...  Just the other day we were 'miming' on stage, and now we are getting married... its cool though, and it feels really good.
The church wedding took place in Gwarimpa, and the reception was at Thisday Dome in Central Area, i wasn't able to attend the service because we got to the venue late, but i definitely attended the reception.

I attended the wedding with a very good friend of mine, Nneka. We were roommates for sometime in our school days, and we also attended the same high school with the bride, so you see, we've come a long way. She's always fun to hang out with, but can be so annoying chai! There was this one time she started crying, like she was the bride? I was like really, please stop abeg.


I wasn't able to get the asoebi, so i just wore something comfortable and decent. My friend on the other hand was on point.

Saying she looked beautiful would not really describe the way this pretty young woman looked. She looked like a princess and her gowns were over the moon. Bear with me, i only got the picture of the second dress, and it was a blend of sexy and classy.

I also got to meet some of my high school friends that i had not seen since like forever. They all looked amazing.
All in all it was a day well spent and i am happy i was there.

Now your turn. Tell me how you spent your weekend, leave a comment and please share.
My next post would be on three things i learnt from attending a Nigerian wedding. So don't forget to check it out. Oh and i want to apologize for all the errors you guys come across, i promise id cross check like four times before posting.
 Till then don't forget to HELP SOMEBODY AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE.


maureen ndak said...

You all look amazing, wow
its bin a while.

carole ibe said...

Yes Maureen it has, wish you were there. We all had fun