Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hey Fam! Miss me? I know you did. So gist me, how did your weekend go? Did you have a blast? Did you look for trouble, fall in love, fall out of love and so on and so fort. Come to think of it, have you guys started trying out the list of things you should do before you turn thirty? if you haven't you are on a long thing shogbo. But if you still want to ginger you swagger just click here and read the story. continue after the cut...

So i checked my blog stuff during the weekend and i realized that i got a lot of new visitors who came to check out my last post. Seems you guys loved it, so i decided i would also put up another post in line with that one so that we can jolly. I want to encourage my new visitors to please stay and join the family, don't just come and peep and go, no no no, after all why should you window shop when you can actually shop. Don't just be a passer by, belong, get a space in our Republic, space dey well well, if space no dey chance person, its as simple as that. Life is too short.

Ermmm.... is it just me or have you guys noticed the increasing rate of smelling armpits? My God, I almost died this weekend when i was in a keke, and one fine looking lady hopped in, you all this girls that do like they nor dey go toilet, yes that type... Its like the gods of the air most have noticed also because the keke just kept on entering gallop after gallop, i became scared for my life. Oh biko, I want to appeal to all my sisters and brothers out there with smelling pits, please and please, deodorant is not as expensive as you think o. You do not have to buy anything fancy, just something that would allow other people breathe around you. shikena.

By the way. If you still haven't followed me on instagram God is watching you. This is the handle or whatever they call it, so go and follow _zizy_ . what of twitter? @carolesrepublic is the handle. Please go and follow and stop doing love with mouth, its by action or don't you know action speaks louder than words.

Thats that, remember to help somebody and stay out of trouble. Ngwa bye..

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