Thursday, 30 July 2015


Not that it is my life's priority, but i have been following the controversy between Artiste Meek Mill and Drake for some time now, and after the last response Drake gave to Meek Mill I just started feeling for the guy. You the part where where drake said something "Is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" kai! that most hurt. Continue after the cut...

Not that its anything bad but you know the way Africans think, whether you are a white African, Black African or African American, its like we almost reason the same way and probably have the same ideologies we have, so in that sense am guessing it must be hard for Meek Mill to date a woman who brings more to the table. What of the fact that most people believe it was Nicki that that gave him his career, I mean, i seriously did not know who Meek Mill was before he started dating Nicki. Am sure he isn't complaining or anything but you know the way people act, we tend to bring up stupid stuff about people, maybe because of jealousy or just pure mischief.

I am guessing as an African man dating a woman that brings more to the table must be pretty hard. I think its a male thing you know. Its all about the male ego. Being the bread winner of the house gives a man so much power, and when you take that away from them, its like they have nothing and they can't even hold their heads up high in public anymore. I know meek mill may front and act like he don't care but my brother, ndo o, gisike. Life na bitter and sweet, can't have sweet all the time.

Am a lady so i might have this all wrong. So am asking the guys and the ladies in the house, whats your your take on this topic. As a guy, would you dat a lady that earns more than you? As a lady what would you do if you discovered you bring more to the table?
I appreciate your comments and responses. Oh and did i tell you guys my birthday is on Saturday, yes I am an August baby and i love it. I await my gifts.....

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