Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I was watching this Tyler Perry movie the other day titled Single Moms Club. Am sure you guys know about the movie, and no this isn’t my first time watching the movie, but when I watched it again this time watching it but this time, I learnt something different. There was this part where Tyler Perry was returning Nia long’s handbag and said something like he learnt a lot of things about her from her bag, and also something about how a lady’s bag says a lot of things about her. In my mind, i was like toh, me i been no know o. So this got me thinking. What does your bag really say about you??
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 For me, my life right now is all shades of plenty things and so am not especially proud or ashamed to say my hand handbag, when am carrying one, is more like a mobile house for me, so when am leaving the house and I know am going to need something, I just throw it in the bag and zoom off. That’s how I roll.

So if you were to get a sneak peak into my handbag right now, what would you learn about me…. Anyway I went to blogthing.com and answered a few questions about my kind of bag and stuff I put inside, and this is what they came up with. Whether na true or lie, i no know.

So just take style look your bag, which am sure you have already done, and look at these pictures and figure out where you fit.

Please remember to leave a comment and share. Na because of una we start this work o!

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