Wednesday, 15 July 2015


How una dey? How's the preparation for the Sallah coming! I was telling a friend of mine all the stuff I expect to eat during this Sallah but I was told this was small Sallah so no fuss. Ah ah! Like that would change my expectations. Una no know say chop chop ma my second name. Anyway, I decided to surf through the internet and Pintrest to bring you guys ideas of what you can prepare for Sallah, having in mind that price of tomato don go up as the rain done develop fear of height so e no wan come down again. continue after the cut...

For food/soup
Ila Alasepo ( yoruba style mixed okra soup)
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Bitter leaf soup
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Ofe Owerri
This is my village soup and I was glad when I found the recipe at
This auto correct be acting like I don't know what am saying.

Pepper soup
Too much Cat fish around so I thought we should try something different. I.e
Tilapia fish pepper soup


I look forward to trying this one out.

Am sure from the screen shots you guys have seen that I read other blogs, how can you not when there is so much goodness out there. 
I just have the suggestions here. For the actual recipes please visit
All images where gotten from and Pintrest. 
How I am just knowing about Pintrest is sad, so many beautiful pictures.

FYI, I left out rice because if Nigerians are not careful rice would soon start growing on our head.
The soups should go with any choice of swallow ie semo, eba, pounded yam etc... ( if this auto correct should correct me one more time enh)!

Have a lovely weekend and let us know how you spent your Sallah.
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God bless.

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