Monday, 31 August 2015


Hey guys. It’s Monday again ugh... If you are happy that its Monday, let me just be the first to tell you because, your loved ones may just love you too much to tell you the truth. You are WEIRD.  How can anyone love Mondays?  Na wa o. Of all days? What happened to Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

In fact how did the name come about? Have you ever wondered what the story behind the name might be? Well I have been wondering and this is what I came up with.

Come close let me gist you. Have you thought that, just maybe its possible, that in the olden days. There wasn’t anything like Monday. Then maybe one mighty king died on the first day of the week and the village chiefs then decided that from that day onwards, the first day of the week would be set aside to mourn there beloved king. And so the name Mourn-day came about. But as time went on, it was modified to Monday. And that is how the name Monday came about.

In this theory, the story goes like this. In the olden days, the Chief priest prophesied that there was going to be famine in the land for the next 3 years. This was because the gods had decided to punish the people for ignoring them and not bringing them their usual monthly sacrifice. You see, everything in the land was booming. Trade was good, and the harvest was plenty, so the people forgot about their gods. After all they had it all.
When the King heard about this prophecy, he decreed that from then on, on the first days of the week, there would be no drinking, no jubilation of any kind, and that the whole day was to be spent working on the farm lands. He urged his people to see that this was the only way they could gather food, if they were to survive the coming 3years of famine. The people agreed. And this is how Monday was chosen as the day of work for all.

Anticipate our 'labour room' series coming tomorrow. It is a real life story about giving birth. 'And what labour' is really like. It is a story every woman should read.

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Hahahahahaha...... The gods must really be crazy