Saturday, 29 August 2015


 I love beans. And I love to eat it on Saturdays or Sundays, when I have time to prepare it and also time for the sleep that comes after eating it.
Gush! I really love beans…

Now because of my love for this food, I always find different ways to alter the preparation. Cos if you stick to the usual method it can get boring.
Anyways, I decided to add some carrots and green peas to the ‘usual equation’ and I guess it came out fine.

So this is what you would need:
salt, grounded crayfish, dry pepper, know cubes, curry
Fresh Pepper
Grounded Crayfish
Dry pepper
Red Oil
chopped carrots and peas, chopped red pepper, onions
Carrot and Peas
Know cube
You can add meat of fish if you want. I like my beans plain.

I have always held the opinion, that mode of preparation when making food does not really matter. As long as it comes out right. However, this does not apply to baking..

That said, am sure you guys reading this know how to prepare beans porridge, so am not going to write out the process plus its too much work anyways. So I’d just skip that, thank you. I learnt how to give my carrots that lovely shape from go check it out there.
I do not like beans thats too soft. This is how your beans should look as you add your oil

Fast forward to the cooking. Allow the beans to cook well. Then add your oil, add your spices and add the vegetable last (I don’t like them to be too soft). Then mix every thing. Viola!  You should have something close to this or something better. Some people like to fry the oil then add the boiled beans to the oil. I used to do that before, till I realized this method (to me), is way faster and better.

My lovely beans

I know guys, I love my orange plate to much. Plus it helps the picture.
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