Friday, 7 August 2015


                                UNEXPECTED (1)

Prince Fente was exactly the type of man Ella did not like, not like she had met him before or anything like that. But a quick look at the gossip blog she was reading, she could see that he was spoilt, shallow, and arrogant but boy! Dude was good looking. Wait, that would make it four reasons and she decided. Yes. She really did not like him.
She knew guys like him now, all the Dangote’s and Otedola’s. Men who lived their lives like there was no tomorrow, they had access to the best things in life and took it as it came. No she did not want to be here, but unfortunately it was work. And she loved her job.

Sighing, she relaxed her back against the company’s official car that was taking her to the airport and went through the information she had complied form her boss Chief Cosmos. He had submitted a bid to do the interior décor for Prince Fente’s new and foremost hotel, and he was the one that was suppose to meet the prince and take him out for dinner. But earlier today Chief had called and told her she had to go alone.

She remembered the words he used
“Every major firm in the city wants this contract, so I do not want to risk giving them access to the prince. You need to be on his case Ella”
“On his case,” she repeated not liking the images in her head.
“On his case. Like a woman desperate to get hooked.”
“You know now. Ella, just keep him company till I get there”.

It was clear she wasn’t getting out of this one, and she wouldn’t want to disappoint her boss anyway. Chief Cosmos had done so much for her, and he was a good boss. So she asked “you’re still on for dinner at the resort by eight, yes?”

“Yes,” chief said, “just get him to the hotel”.

Well that should be simple enough, Ella told herself as the car stopped in front of the terminal and she stepped out. She was surprised that Prince Fente was travelling by commercial airline. Trying to prove to the masses that he was just like every one else, she thought cynically.

The plane from Lagos had not arrived so she knew she had a few minutes on her hands. She glanced through the pile of magazines and found one with a picture prince Fente on it. He was pictured with two beautiful women, obviously having fun. Ella rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Typical.”

A Stream of people was emerging from the arrivals, and her gaze zeroed in on a tall dark man in elegant navy blue suit and also two well-built men walking three paces behind him. Prince Fente and his security detail. Quickly she stepped forward.

“Prince Fente?”
He stopped and raised an eyebrow, “you are not chief Cosmos?”
“No, I am afraid Chief Cosmos has been delayed. My name is Ella Johnson. I’m his assistant.”

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Akuoma Onyeriri said...

Pls continue

Akuoma Onyeriri said...

Pls continue

carole ibe said...

Dear Akuoma, thanks for reading. Stay tuned, the next part would be up before you know it.