Thursday, 6 August 2015


Hey Fam!!! Hope you guys are doing well and living the Nigerian dream.... If there is any such thing.
Some days its so hard to get up and do what you have to do, especially when you are looking at all the things you have not yet achieved instead of looking at what you have already done so far. I have always been an optimist, even if not all the time but most times. So i believe you either look at your glass as half full or as half empty. Its your choice. So i have decided to look at mine half full.

So throw back to the day before my birthday. I was feeling down, like what am i celebrating sef? I am not where i thought id be at 25! And I am really not happy about that. I was feeling a bit down when a tiny voice said to me. At least you are alive and healthy. So i got up, had my bathe and went to my little photo shoot. I was happy it was my birthday, and my team was so supportive, they made it so easy. So here are the picture from my pre birthday photo shoot.

Before & After
One word 'DIVA'

happy child

what ya say?

see my long hair


My MUA& Photographer
Oya act like you have never seen water this beautiful before

Makeup pose. Don't know why they like this pose so much!


By the way, i know am not ugly, but a little make up never hurt anyone. Seriously thinking of going into this makeup business though. $Mistress of all trade.

You guys should follow @tonitheartist on Instagram for your makeup delight. You could also check out her blog She really knows her stuff.
@fadareak for breath taking images. Go and follow me on IG @_zizy_ ah ah kilode? na wa for una set. so so nyanga....
Don't forget to leave a comment and please lets stay positive. The glass is always half full. See ya!!

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