Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Have you ever found yourself in a situation, when you need help from the opposite sex? 
Let me paint a scenario for you. after praying the previous night, you wake up, all bright and expectant because you think, finally today is the day. so you have your bathe and slip into an outfit thats not sexy at all (because after all you want to look professional). You grab your proposal and you head out. 
On your way to the appointment you are thinking, omg, i am going to give such a presentation, this man would know i mean business. So you get to the location and then you wait, because after all you are not the only one the guy is trying to help. What a big heart he must have.

Its your turn, you enter the office, and with the biggest smile you can muster. Its time to deliver. You explain how if he invest in your idea, the possible returns would be massive and so and so...
Oga at the top is looking so attentive and in your mind you think (finally I got his attention). Then boom! He opens his mouth and says ‘so when am I going to see you?’

Just then you realize dude was not even listening to one thing you said. And you realize this has just been another waste of your precious time. Really how could you expect any better.

Am sure a lot of ladies can totally relate to this, even if its not the same scenario. Smh. The things women go through. Odiegwu.
Please share your own experience by leaving a comment below. Have a blessed week and stay strong.

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