Monday, 3 August 2015


Happy Birthday to me
Let me first of all start by saying this. Happy new month!!!!! My prayer for you is that, this month comes along with unexpected blessing, surprises and unlimited favour from God. Favours that would just blow your mind. Blessing that would make people start asking what does this person do to get all that she/he has? Why are they so happy……..

Since I came of age, I have always felt that there was something special about August. Maybe its because its my birth month, maybe its in the name, August. Who knows. I just feel like something special is going to happen. Well maybe its just me.

So how did you spend your weekend? Mine was pretty planned out. I told you guys I turned 25 on the 1st of August, so I went out with my close friends and had a lovely dinner.
We had dinner at Charcoal Grill and Bar, located at Wuse 2 in Abuja. From there we went to the club and that was that.

Here are the pictures of what went down like I promised you guys. The sharp ones following me on IG would have seen them already. But you people that are forming strong head and don’t want to go and follow, these are the photos. I also had like a mini pre-birthday photo shoot for my birthday. Id share the pictures with you guys later, so don't miss out.
Celebrant of life

what we had for dinner

snap me na!


friends of life

me and my friends right to left: Ivy, Nneka, Queen, Me. Below is Toni my amazing makeup artist
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Have an amazing month.


Kendoras Blog said...

All thanks to God for your life...congrats as the lord adds another rays of blessings in your life. Have fun

carole ibe said...

Thanks a lot Ken. I appreciate.