Sunday, 20 September 2015


After studying, Sonia sat on her bed and thought of all that happened that day. She thought of how sweet Derrick was and how sweeter his mum was. She thought about her miracle car and she was amazed. Yesterday, she would have desperately paid a rain maker to stop the rain so she could get to her school on time. Who would have thought that the rain was in fact showers of blessings? It connected her to Derrick, to Mrs. Smith and also to her mini jeep. She knew her life was about to change. And so, before she called Derrick to inform him she was through with reading, she called her mum first. Her best friend.
''Hey mum'' ''Hey baby, what's up?'' ''A whole lot, Really? Hmm, I am all ears''
''So I met a guy yesterday...'' she told her mum everything that happened yesterday and all that happened that day.
'' I speak with you now, I have a car packed in the garage. So what do you have to say?''
''Well dear, I wouldn't have taken that car gift, as tempting as the offer was, if I were you. She is a rich woman, what if she was testing you to know if you are materialistic? Also, without the car, your respect would be in tact. She may now feel that she can talk to you anyhow, possibly call you up one day and ask you to come clean her house, because she gave you a car''
''Mum, that woman is an angel. She wouldn't do that''
''Well then, I would tell you to be careful. No sex, just friendship. Make sure you are happy and make sure you keep an open mind'' ''An open mind? What do you mean?'' ''Am I the only person that thinks all you just told me now is too good to be true? Keep an open mind okay? I don't want you getting hurt'' ''Okay mum. Thanks. So how's dad?'' ''He is fine. He had a slight fever last week, but he is strong now''
''A fever and no one told me. Hey, I may be in school but I am still and honorable member of the house oh''
''Sure you are baby. But you have your studies to worry about, that should be enough''
''My regards to him. Kiss him for me''
''I'd do that very well''
''Ok then. You know this isn’t a free call now'' Her mum laughed
''Is anything ever free with you?'' '
'When I start working, I promise calling you would be free, but for now, if I call, you pay''
''So how much does this call cost?''
 ''Err, lemme see...400naira MTN''.
''Okay baby I will send it to you''. ''Nice doing business with you. Love ya, byeee''. ''Bye baby, the pleasure is all mine''.
Then she called Derrick. ''So I just told my mum about you. After reading, I did some thinking, then I called my mum and told her eeeeeeeeverything about you and now hear I am speaking to you on phone''.
''Are you always this dramatic?''
''You'll find out with time''
''I am glad I left my house the time I did yesterday. It afforded me the opportunity to meet you'' ''And the lecturer who fixed the quiz yesterday, just became my favorite lecturer. He got me out of the house and then I met you''.
They paused for a while. Both thinking. Sonia once again thought of how lucky she was to have met someone like Derrick and prayed that he is for real and not just one random playboy. Derrick on another hand, thought of how beautiful Sonia was and he prayed the relationship never gets sour. Then Sonia broke the silence.
''You know I wanted to ask you to come pick us up from school tomorrow after lectures, but now I have a car of my own'' '
'I can still come if you want me to''
''Really?'' her face lightened up a grin
''Yes really''
''Cool. There is this girl in our class, she is the self-acclaimed Queen Bee of our department. She is very slutty and annoying. She thinks she has it all and we hate her''
''So you want to flaunt me right?'' ''You smart ass'' They both laughed hysterically, said their goodbyes and then Sonia called her friends.
''Babes, you might just want to come over to my house'' The girls jumped up, looked cute and then left their rooms for Sonia's apartment. When they got there, they didn't even take notice of the car that was parked in the garage because they were used to seeing the garage empty. Soon they came out, screaming on top of their voices and heading straight for the car. '
'Boy o boy, I don't mind this type of mother-in-law oh'', said Melissa admiring the car.
''Ah, mother-in-law ke''. ''Ok, dey there na. I dey pray better prayer for you, you dey der dey ask me. Before nko, u no go want make she be your mother-in-law? You have to step up your game now that you have seen the light oh'' '
'Wow, the woman must be really nice oh'', said Julie
''I told you it would go well didn't I?'' asked Angie
''I asked him to come pick us up tomorrow after lectures, and he agreed''
''Pick us up? So you mean we wouldn't launch this machine tomorrow?''
''Ah ah Melissa, which one you no dey? Wasn't it you that brought up the idea of Derrick coming to school and Sonia flaunting him before Queen Bee?'' Julie asked. ''Nna that idea was before I saw this light oh, hia. We have to rock this gift that God has given us. My temperature dey hot abeg''.
''Carry co water cool am o''.

The next day, Sonia dressed to kill. She wore a pretty dress, with a lovely bag and shoes to match. Before she left the house, she called Derrick.
''Hey good morning''.
''Good morning dear'', he sounded sleepy.
''Still in bed? On a Monday morning?''
''Yep, I don't go to work on Mondays''.
''Lucky you. So I am dressed now and about to leave the house. I just wanted to let you know that lectures would end by 2pm today. Also, Queen Bee is usually the first to leave the lecture hall. So when I get to the school, I would check her out and let you know what she is wearing, for easy identification. The plan is to walk up to her and ask of me''.
''This is what I am talking about. A girl to spice up my days. Don't worry princess, I know exactly how to set a bon fire''.
''Make sure you look hot''.
''Don't I always?''
''Sure you do. Ok, have a lovely day''. ''See you later''.


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