Sunday, 18 October 2015


There was a time in my life that if you had asked me is it right or wrong to do this? And I would tell my truth without even thinking twice. But these days I can say I am not so fast to jump into conclusion anymore. Because thing are always not white or black. People have different reasons for doing things. Bad isn’t always a certain way you think, and good has so many meanings now.

What is the definition of right, and what is the definition is wrong? Well this is what I have to say. There is no true definition of what is good or bad, right or wrong. It only depends on where you are standing and how you see things. Because trust me, we all see things differently.

Take for example. there are some people who absolutely would never see reasons why a couple should be divorced. There are even some churches whom do not have divorce in their doctrine. So what happens in the case of lets say, marital violence? A case where a husband beats up the wife so much she becomes a regular face in the hospital? Is it then advisable that they continue to stay married, because divorce is such an abominable act?
Another example is in the case of adoption. Different people have different tolerance to this. There was a time I heard an elderly woman say that adopting a child is like helping God do his work, it's like telling him I don't need your help in having a child, I don't have to be patient with you, I can do it my own way. Does this now mean children in the orphanage can never be good enough? Event you heard that some children come with blessings? But who am I? I am just seeing things from my own perspective which may be different from yours.

So next time you come across a situation, or anything at all, don’t be so quick to judge or act because like I said earlier. There is no right or wrong, it depends on where you are standing. It is not always white or black, its grey.

Have a lovely week.



Akuoma Onyeriri said...

This is nice...Carole love when you going to post next episode of our novel abeg

carole ibe said...

Thanks Aku, your short story series would be coming back soonest.